AGATE Multi-Currency Wallet to Let Users Keep and Manage Several Crypto Coins

With around a thousand cryptocurrencies building up in the crypto space, the new age currency is drawing a lot of attention. A few years back the crypto space was just black and white — Bitcoin and Ethereum were two major players and the need for a multi-currency wallet were grim. As the ecosystem evolved, crypto traders leveraged the benefits of multi altcoins.

AGATE is a completely comprehensive and decentralized platform that offers its users:

      User App and Merchant App for multi-currency handling

      API Suite

      Plug-ins and Add-ons

      Point of sale terminal

The current landscape of cryptocurrency is still evolving and the crypto users are being churned with slow blockchains and heavy transactional fee. The cryptocurrencies have to be stored on their native blockchain and that is a bottleneck that does not allow wallets to store or spend multiple currencies from a single wallet.

AGATE multi-currency wallet solves all the problems associated with the current wallets for the storage and usage of multiple currencies. The AGATE user app is a 360-degree solution to use and store multiple cryptocurrencies. How does it happen?

      AGATE’s User App supports 5 cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and other 17 cryptocurrencies are in development phase.

      At lower exchange rates, the cryptocurrencies can be exchanged with iFiat and the Fiat currency.

      Instantly load the fiat and receive it in the Crypto card that can be used across a wide network of 30,000,000 stores across the globe.

AGATE wallet brings its users freedom to spend the multiple-cryptocurrencies it holds. The AGATE iFiat ecosystem is a decentralized wallet that at very low fees converts the multiple cryptocurrencies to iFiat tokens. AGATE does not charge any fee to merchants for trading in iFiat making it a zero-cost transaction so that the merchants accept it without any hesitation.

As a borderless, 0% transaction fee, instant settlement, secure, zero exit fee wallet, AGATE is a potential solution to all the challenges the current wallets put in front of the crypto users. Agate uses automated Artificial Intelligence bots to facilitate the transfer of five crypto coins to iFiat making it possible for the users to easily liquidate their crypto coins almost instantly bringing the true meaning of instant money into the picture.

In Conclusion

As a convenient, quicker and low-fee solution to manage multiple coins, Agate’s multi-cryptocurrency wallet would soon be capable of handling 17 crypto assets by bringing then different blockchains to it. The transaction settlements between multiple currencies were taking 2 to 3 days whereas with AGATE the window has been shortened to a few seconds. Even for the merchants, the cryptocurrencies can be quickly transferred to Fiat money so that they do not have to go through any struggle.

AGATE is the new face of evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem. With AGATE economy system, it provides a 360 support to make multiple cryptocurrencies usable across multiple fiat channels at a very less fee.

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