Coinbase Earn Presents New Opportunity to Earn BAT

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the US, Coinbase, is expanding on its Coinbase Earn program. The company announced today that is launching a new Earn BAT Page which will help users earn BAT coins worth $10 for watching educational content.

What Is BAT?

BAT or Basic Attention Token is the native currency of the Brave browser. The currency is designed to improve digital advertising. The BAT token serves both advertisers as well as publishers and gives users a chance to give money to content providers or publishers they engage with. For instance, the Brave browser runs a promotion where users get 25 BAT in a month to give away to publishers of their choice. The BAT platform and Brave browser, thus, help in making attention-based services more effective.

Coinbase wrote in a blog post that it is launching the BAT Earn program starting today. It stated:

“If you’ve received an invite to the Coinbase Earn BAT opportunity by email, you can go to the Earn BAT Page to start completing the educational lessons and earn up to $10 worth of BAT in the process.”

Who Can Earn BAT?

The program will only be available to a select user who will receive an invite from Coinbase to visit the Coinbase Earn page for BAT, watch educational content and get tokens in return. The earning opportunity will not be available to others. However, anyone who wants to learn, whether a Coinbase customer or not, can visit the page and enrich their knowledge about the token.

Customers will also get a chance to earn BAT when using the Brave browser.

The Coinbase Earn program launched in December last year during the “12 Days of Coinbase” Initiative. It aims to provide users a chance to earn cryptocurrencies for learning more about digital coins. The first coin available on the network was 0X protocol. Coinbase believes that earning cryptos could be a significant activity in the digital currency ecosystem as mining and trading.

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