Cryptocurrencies could become an important asset class for Börse Stuttgart

Börse Stuttgart is the second biggest Stock Exchange in Germany and the ninth biggest in Europe. Last week, the Exchange communicated the launch of a marketplace for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Michael Völter, CEO of Börse Stuttgart, did give his opinion about the opportunities of the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency Trading on Mobile App

Michael Völter is quite optimistic. Börse Stuttgart decided to enter the cryptocurrency market and launch their app “Bison.” The app supports the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. The exchange wants to add more cryptocurrencies during the next years.

In the challenging current market situation, this is an important sign for investors. In recent interviews, Völter declared that digital currencies could become an independent and successful asset class. For Börse Stuttgart, cryptocurrencies become attractive as a means of payment. For the CEO, the limited infrastructure for trade and payments is no obstacle but rather an incentive.

Financial industry must provide investors with a secure infrastructure

Stock exchanges, financial service providers and banks are responsible for creating appropriate infrastructures so that the digital asset class can develop and establish itself. Völter does not get carried away with forecasts for price developments.

On the other hand, he does not regard the high degree of volatility as a lack of seriousness, but rather as a typical feature of new asset classes. Uniform standards for trade can and should provide security in the future. After an initial test phase, Bärse Stuttgart intends to launch the app “Bison” in all of Europe, if the test phase at the beginning of the year is successful.

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