Daikokuten Sama, a Community Driven Project made with an Intention to Support Global Finance and to Uplift the Lives of Many

Daikokuten’s LuckyDraw product testing has ended and it will be launched in the next few days. Furthermore, the token will be listed on some top crypto exchange for the first time by early November. This comes after the platform earned over 7000 holders with its community active and growing more than ever. 

Introducing Daikokuten Sama

Daikokuten Sama is a cryptocurrency project made with an intention to support global finance and to uplift the lives of many. The makers of the project aim at financial independence among the community and they support this by helping them to make wise financial decisions. 

The deflationary token ($DKKS) is named after the leader of the 7 gods in Japanese mythology. He is the god of wealth and carries the symbolism of money in his figure. On his right hand are the hammer of wealth and a bag of riches that are known to bring not just money but also luck and good fortune. 

Ecosystem that Daikokuten is creating for its community 

The project Daikokuten Sama’s goal is to provide for better lives and enrich people spiritually and materially. It provides education for its community members on the foundation of cryptocurrency. The platform also has a marketplace where people can use their $DKKS on various different things. The project also does charity donations staying true to its intention. There is Daikokuten Finance which involves Farming, Flash loans, Staking, NFT Trading, Daiko wallets and more. The platform also has entertainment in store for its community in the form of Lucky Draw and NFt for art and music. 

About Daikokuten

Daikokuten Sama finance, a community driven project that promotes global financial well being by empowering everyone to be in control of their money, future and creates their own wealth opportunities. 

To know more about Daikokuten Sama, visit https://daikokuten.finance/ 

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