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Pancakeswap is a reputable exchange with a huge trading volume and market capitalization.

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Trading at Pancakeswap will be open on August 30, 2021 

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ETM is the project on ETH platform (ERC20) and it has been started from January 2020. Project goal is build ecosystem for ETM token with 6 mainstream sub-projects : Casino, Sportbet, Jackspot, Ecomerce, Trading exchange and P2P lending. Project founder team identified at begining the priority os project is sustainability and utility. 

ETM token is ERC20 token with hardcap : 55.000.000 token. The Token Economic was built with purpose : price will be rising slow and stabitility with locking mechanic to control supply of Token: 34.000.000 token will be lock by staking model forever by timeline:

– 4th quarter of 2021 : Locking 4 millions ETM

– 1st quarter of 2022 : Locking 4.5 millions ETM

– 2nd quarter of 2022 : Locking 6.5 millions ETM

– 3rd quarter of 2022 : Locking 8.5 millions ETM

– 4th quarter of 2022 : Locking 10.5 millions ETM

Total softcap on market at 2023 is only 21 millions ETM and next milestones for 2021 : publish internal exchange with 30 pairs and listing on global trading exchang from begining 2022

Advantages of ETM decentralized exchange:

  • 100% asset control:

The main factor that makes decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges attractive is that they do not hold customer funds.So it won’t put users’ money or personal information at risk.

  • Safe security:

The security system of ETM is more secure, so the opportunity for hackers to attack is impossible. Therefore, it is completely impossible to be attacked by hackers and it is very difficult to crash the exchange.

  • Hide high information:

New government regulations on strict KYC and AML compliance make it very difficult to anonymously trade on a centralized exchange. Whereas decentralized exchanges allow anonymity. Absolute confidentiality of customer information

  • Fast transaction:

Implement “Random Trade Match Algorithm”, where the algorithm matches buy/sell orders and executes trades. Has high liquidity. Executing a “smart contract” exchange. Low speed and fees.

  • Real trading volume:

By running directly on the smart contract, the users participating on the exchange will be closer to the real user, which also reflects the actual volume of transactions on the platform.

  • The cost of the parties is cheaper:

Decentralized exchange operating costs are very low because the entire platform is automated with only a few supporting service monitoring and error handling. Users from there also only have a small fee for transactions, deposits and withdrawals.

  • Make the most of smart contracts:

Many decentralized exchanges have sprung up in recent years, trying to enhance the user experience and build a more robust exchange. After all, the idea seems to be in sync with the ethos of personal autonomy: because with cryptocurrencies, users do not need to trust a third party.

In just a few days, ETM will list on major exchanges and confirm its position. With what ETM and the development team have done, let’s analyze the advantages of the Pancake exchange 

PancakeSwap Advantages

  • Low Fees and Fast Transactions

Fees are very low, typically ranging from $0.04 to $0.20, and transactions take an average of less than 5 seconds. Compare that with other exchanges this makes trading extremely convenient

  • Audited and Secured

PancakeSwap has gone through the time and expense of receiving an audit from the cyber-security firm CertiK.

  • PancakeSwap Fees & PancakeSwap Supported Wallets

Trading fees at PancakeSwap are as low as 0.2%, with 0.17% going to liquidity providers and the remaining 0.03% going to PancakeSwap Treasury, where they are burned to keep the supply lower.

PancakeSwap has support for popular wallets including: Trust Wallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect, MathWallet and MetaMask

At Pancakeswap, there are outstanding advantages compared to other exchanges such as: Prestige, high security, low cost, .. etc…. With the advantages of ETM and Pancakeswap, it is certain that this will be one of the solid fulcrums for ETM to deserve the best positions in the decentralized market.