Global CTB Review – Legit or Scam?

Although Global CTB, a trading platform specializing in cryptocurrency trading, is a relatively new broker, it has acquired a name among the emerging brokerage platforms.


You may initially hesitate to opt for the new brokerage platforms; however, when you look at the features and the services and opportunities provided by Global CTB, you would want to look up for it.


Global CTB gives the best package for crypto and equity trading. Not only does it provides its services globally but it also offers a hassle-free, seamless, and profitable experience of trading.


So is Global CTB Scam or legit? Here we have provided you with all the reasons why Global CTB is one of the best emerging trading platforms and is recommendable:


  1. Global CTBprovides a web-based trading platform. 


Your experience of trading depends upon the trading platform provided by the broker to you. If your trading experience does not go well, then it does not matter whether you are good at trading or not. An efficient platform would prevent you from suffering from unexpected losses or mixed profits due to the site’s slow working.


As a result, it becomes necessary that you invest in a broker that provides a well-developed, fast, and efficient trading platform. Global CTB offers its web-based trading platform, which helps you trade in real-time, providing all the charts, live rates, one-click trading, custom trading indicators, and graphs. Not only this, but global CTB also offers a user-friendly platform that does not require any installation of any security updates.


  1. Global CTB complies to the regulatory needs


As the scams are increasing day by day, it becomes essential to opt for a regulated crypto broker. Global CTB is one regulate broker that does not just make empty promises and ensures that all the guidelines and rules are fair to everyone.


It also makes sure that your money is not wiped-out by some third party accounts.

You can also have a look at their website if you have any doubts regarding their regular polices and its compliance.


  1. Global CTB offers great cryptocurrency opportunities. 


If you choose Global CTB as your crypto broker, you will not be limited to the only three to four top cryptocurrencies. Global CTB offers other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, NEO, Dash and Monero, and many others other than Bitcoin Cash.


There are numerous options available today, and the more you invest in, the more it becomes easy to protect yourself from immediate changes.


  1. Global CTB offers flexible account options.

Because the top priority list of Global CTB includes their customers, they deliver incredibly flexible account options making it very easy for customers to choose the type of account they want to opt for. These accounts have been designed in a way to accommodate every trader’s needs. It also offers three currency options, that are, GBP, USD, and Euro.


It includes six types of accounts, which are, basic account (minimum deposit of $250), beginner account(minimum deposit of $10,000), medium account(minimum deposit of$25,000 ), advanced account(minimum deposit of$50,000 ), PRO account (minimum deposit of $100,000), and the last, VIP account(available only for specific traders)ranging from the lowest to the largest investment.


  1. Global CTB delivers fast account setup facility.


Global CTB, unlike other trading platforms, provides a straightforward registration process by requiring just a piece of small information like your name, date of birth, email, password, and your location. Once you enter this data, your account is registered with Global CTB and then you only need to set your account type.


After you do that, you are ready to commence your trading with full swing.

With the quick registration process, you can reap its benefits even more rather than waiting for the brokers to approve your registration for days.


  1. Global CTB’s cost of trading is low


The best part about Global CTB is that they do not have a commission policy or any trades that you make. The less the trading cost would be, the more profits you will be able to earn. How doesn’t want that?


Global CTB does not charge any extra charges like the trading fee, account maintenance fee, inactivity fee, deposit or withdrawal charges, or any other unwanted expenses. All this helps in keeping the trading cost low while increasing the profits.


  1. Global CTB has a top-level security policy. 


Global CTB cares for its customers and therefore takes care of all the needed security to make your trading a great experience. Global CTB uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption that helps keep all the information safe from third parties, including client information and client communications.


It has also implemented the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies to keep the fake accounts away from the network. Likewise, it has also differentiated among the trader’s accounts to avoid any differences in traders’ funds. Not only this, but it also makes use of robust firewalls, which helps in keeping cybercriminals out of the picture.


  1. Global CTB offers full customer support.


Customer service, no doubt, is an essential part of any service providing firm. Global CTB, being a brokerage platform, also does not sacrifice on providing customer support to its clients.


You can contact the representatives of Global CTB if you have any queries through email, phone, or even live chat on their website. They also provide an FAQ section to answer some of the most common questions. They are also available on the five business days plus Saturday 24 hours.


Global CTB is an open brokerage platform, specializing in cryptocurrency trading. It provides a wide array of opportunities for those who want to gain profits by making an additional investment.


The points mentioned above in our Global CTB review make Global CTB a must-go-to option for traders to experience top class service at all levels.