Gold Secured Currency (GSX) – Is it The Most Advanced Stablecoin Ever?

Anyone keeping on the stablecoin market can tell you the hype around the GSX project is undeniable. This coin plans to bring a host of technologies together to produce the world’s most versatile cryptocurrency. It’s for these reasons and more that GSX is considered the most advanced stable coin ever created.

GSX as a Stablecoin

GSX functions as a stablecoin primarily. This token is pegged to Apollo Fintech’s 3,000+ acre platinum and gold mining operation. Unlike competitors such as Tether Gold, GSX holders also share in the ownership of the land and mining equipment.

More to Come

Furthermore, Apollo Fintech announced plans to acquire new gold-rich land and continually expand mining operations. The goal is to perpetually add value to GSX. As such, GSX receives the title as the first stable coin that increases in asset value indefinitely. As the value of gold rises, so does your GSX.

Gold continues to see record-breaking rates as more investors flock to this safe haven during these uncertain times. As a global reserve currency, gold still serves a valuable purpose. However, it lacks the ability to function as a day to day cash system.

For example, imagine pulling up to the drive-thru window and attempting to chip of $5 worth of gold, not practical at all. Additionally, imagine receiving a business loan in gold, too dangerous. Luckily, GSX allows those that want to deal with gold do so with the convenience of blockchain transactions.

Payments as Good as Gold

You can send GSX globally in seconds. There are minimum fees and your transaction is conducted in a peer-to-peer fashion. You can also make micropayments with GSX. Need to send $2 for that cheeseburger, not a problem at all using GSX. In the same aspect, you could send a million dollars worth of GSX to your relative across the globe for pennies. 

GSX gives its owners the benefits of having a minimum asset value, similar to a stable coin, while also facilitating growth in value like traditional cryptocurrencies. The token also functions as an investment coin that pays dividends.

A Unique Strategy

As part of Apollo’s strategy to ensure that GSX consistently appreciates, the company intends to put 50% of all the gold produced, after expansion and expenses, back into GSX.  The other 50% will go to dividends that will be paid to GSX holders.

Quantum Security

Another amazing feature GSX possesses is quantum-resistance. GSX is the first and only stable coin in the world to secure this trait. Quantum computers are thousands of times faster than today’s fastest PC. These computers are so powerful that they pose a serious risk to blockchain networks.

The quantum concerns start off with the fact that a single quantum computer has more computational power than most blockchain networks in the market today. It would be simple for these devices to take over 51% of the hashing power of a network. When this scenario occurs, the blockchain becomes insecure.

GSX avoids these future concerns through the integration of a Quantum-resistant protocol. Just the fact that developers included this feature demonstrates the intended longevity of this project. Apollo is set to be around long after quantum computers go from costing millions to everyone having one in their home, or maybe one day, in the palm of their hand.

Apollo Functionality

The Apollo blockchain is the most advanced blockchain built thus far. The platform incorporates the full spectrum of blockchain functionalities, in addition to some features only possessed by Apollo. GSX utilizes Apollo as its core technology. This provides the coin with exceptional flexibility and security.

One Stable Coin to Rule them All

GSX is set to raise the bar across the entire stablecoin market. With reports showing over 200 stable coins now in the market, its more important than ever to bring the premier projects into the spotlight. GSX has all the characteristics to be the new standard in the market. For one, its pegged to gold rather than fiat currencies. This feature in itself is a huge bonus when compared to most stable coins.

Reports also show that there are 77 gold-pegged coins in the market. However, most of these coins lack the transparency provided by GSX. GSX conducts third-party audits of its holdings regularly. The results of these reports are published on the blockchain for all GSX holders to view. This strategy is one more reason that GSX is destined for success.

Stablecoin INterest on the Rise

Now more than ever, stablecoins are seeing increased demand in the market. While many of these new projects are legit, there are many that will never make it through their roadmaps to provide their investors with the promised returns. GSX is one of the few stable coins that incorporates various technologies in a way that makes it unstoppable in the market.


GSX will experience future interoperability as the Apollo ecosystem expands. Currently, there is a large variety of Dapps under construction on the platform. Apollo makes creating Dapps simple. Consequently, more Dapp developers are migrating their efforts from Ethereum over to this blockchain. The more Dapps on Apollo, the more selection of wallets, exchanges, and other cool platforms users can enjoy.

GSX – A Smart Move

A quick glimpse at the main contenders in the industry and its easy to see how GSX fills the voids of the market in so many ways. This token has the functionality and security to remain a dominant force in the market for decades. 

Best of all, all the gold and land that the company currently holds is sure to be worth way more in the future. In turn, GSX holders will receive much larger dividends as time progresses. GSX is currently available at via a pre-sale. Users that purchase GSX now receive discounts of up to 50% off the issuance price. 

GSX – Technology at its Finest

GSX manages to lift the entire cryptocurrency industry to a new level in terms of usability. This token encompasses so many crucial aspects of the blockchain sector. You can expect GSX to become an instant classic in the market.  GSX is available at