How SUBAJ Decentralized marketplace serves the underprivileged

One of the most significant benefits of the loyalty rewards system is that it improves the visibility of the brand. However, there is a significant drawback. The customer does not have the chance to redeem the points or rewards gained from one merchant brand at a different location. For example, a cinema theater booking app gives you reward points for redemption at the same theater. It entails that you compulsorily have to watch another movie to benefit from the reward program. Therefore, you have to spend more to redeem the points. In the bargain, you get more rewards points. But ultimately, you end up not using the points at all.

The SUBAJ Solution

The SUBAJ Decentralized marketplace works with an objective of changing this procedure of redemption. It plans to bring in as many merchants and businesses as possible under a single shopping and rewards points platform. It enables you to exchange the reward points gained from one merchant with another store of your choice. Thus, all parties to the transaction benefit in one way or the other. SUBAJ plans to introduce this app in July 2019. They have aptly named it as the SUBAJ Global Marketplace and Merchant POS. The reward points will be in the form of freely exchangeable SUBAJ tokens. These tokens work on the Blockchain technology. Hence, it is a decentralized marketplace.

SUBAJ Social Initiatives

Benefiting the merchants and customers is one part of the SUBAJ app. The SUBAJ app has an inbuilt social investment proposition. SUBAJ aims to do something beneficial to the society at large. They see that the improvements in technology have only widened the gap between the underprivileged and the other parts of the community. There are still millions of children in the world with no access to clean drinking water, no vaccines to stay healthy and no education. Therefore, the gap keeps on widening with every improvement in technology. SUBAJ aims to change that with the establishment of the SUBAJ Charity Foundation, a non-profit NGO that uses the SUBAJ platform to help the underprivileged section of society.

How does the SUBAJ Charity Foundation work?

Ten percent of the free SUBAJ tokens received by a customer go into the SUBAJ Charity Foundation. This charitable organization will use the funds to help provide health facilities, clean potable water, medical vaccines, and better educational opportunities to the underprivileged children in the world. They also plan to provide internet access in the rural and most remote areas in the world.
SUBAJ plans to use the technological advancements towards helping these children live a decent life. They believe technology is useful only if it is beneficial to all. If you can channelize the technology better, it can go a long way in eliminating poverty from the world. SUBAJ believes that one need not wait for a disaster to happen to loosen your purse strings. It is better to build up a corpus that one can use during an emergency. In fact, SUBAJ opines that every second is a disaster when an impoverished child dies of hunger. They aim to make the world a better place to live. The SUBAJ app is one small step in this mammoth endeavor.
SUBAJ urges all the industry players to pitch in with their contributions and help the society and plans to use the decentralized marketplace to impact the social welfare of the underprivileged in the society in this manner.
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