ICON Will Attend ‘Blockchain Innovations in Public Services’

The ICON Foundation is extending its support to the “Blockchain Innovations in Public Services” seminar, being held in Seoul, South Korea on March 14. The seminar is based on Korean blockchain public services and will be held at Balls Hall, Korea Financial Investment Association Center (KOFIA).

The Only Private Entity to Attend

ICON’s team will be the only private entity to participate in the Korean event, as noted in their recent blog post. Director of Business Development, Hangjin Kim at ICONLOOP will attend the meeting and present “Blockchain-based Smart City” in the evening.

He will talk about the utilization of blockchain as “an infrastructure technology for building a fourth industrial revolution smart city.” He will also explain the use of cases of loopchain and CHAIN ID- the first joint identification system based on the blockchain. It will also shed light on a Smart Insurance billing system with Kyobo Life Insurance.

Who Will Participate in the Event?

Other participants will include representatives from Korea Customs Service, Korea Mint, Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), Korea Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) and the Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation (KOMSCO). The participants will focus on using blockchain to the real-world and share valuable information about planning public services on blockchain and collaboration opportunities as well.

Seoul Medical Center Health Information Team will presentBlockchain and Smart Hospital Service.”

Other government agencies will also present their respective opinions on the use of blockchain in different industries with presentations titled, “Blockchain management of livestock history at a glance” from the director of Livestock Products Quality Assessor, Nam Seung-yeop, “Blockchain Based Mobile Local Voucher” from Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation Blockchain Business Planning Team, “Advanced export logistics service based on smart contract” from Korea Information Security and “Examples of Public Innovation through Blockchain” National Internet Development Agency of Korea Block Chaining spreading centers Senior Researcher.

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