Market Analysis: The launch of a new platform

Cryptocurrency market analysis is one of the categories that gives people an overview of everything to find the best direction. And in today’s article, we will analysis about a new platform that was launched a little while ago but has had a great impact on DeFi users around the world. We make an initial statement about this platform: they possess very advanced technologies, with features and operating mechanisms that can give users great incentives. That’s VISIONDEFI.

Let’s dive deep into the platform.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Protocol

When learning about a platform, the first thing we care about is its protocol.

The protocol that VISIONDEFI uses is BSC (Binance Smart Chain), which is the most modern protocol, with many improvements from Binance Chain.

Launched to DeFi users worldwide from April 2020, BSC is today the most modern and potential protocol.

Its predecessor, Binance Chain, was able to drive transactions at an amazing rate, but lacked the flexibility of a few other features. But BSC has summed up the advantages of the protocols in use, and removed the downsides of the user dissatisfaction. This protocol can magically boost the speed of transactions and, at the same time, the other features are extremely versatile. Moreover, BSC transaction cost is much cheaper than another popular protocol – Ethereum network. 

All of them have only one purpose: to bring user satisfaction.

Basically, the BSC is still not being used too much, and Ethereum is still a stable protocol. This makes the fact that a newly launched platform DeFi users like VisionDeFi, using BSC as its own protocol, is an extremely impressive leap.

We would like to emphasize that some of the leading platforms in the DeFi sector have recognized the advantages of the BSC protocol, and have slowly migrated their protocol to BSC. But among the newly launched platforms, Vision is almost the first platform to dare to make this decision.


Liquidity Pools & Exchange

The concept of liquidity pools and a liquidity provider is certainly quite familiar to DeFi users. DeFi liquidity pool is a smart contract that locks up tokens to ensure the liquidity of those tokens on a decentralized exchange. The users of the platform who provide tokens for the smart contract are known as liquidity providers.

How VISIONDEFI exchange works is by using liquidity pools. They are essentially pools of tokens locked in smart contracts. There are enough tokens for you to exchange any of them with each other using BNB as a path. There are a lot of BNB in there, and there are countless types of tokens that VISIONDEFI currently supports.

Furthermore, anyone can create a new exchange pair in a new liquidity pool for any token at any time. The contributors to the liquidity group are known as liquidity providers. Anyone can become a liquidity provider by depositing an equivalent value of two tokens into the pool.

 Farming & Staking at VISIONDEFI

The innovative Defi platform VISIONDEFI recently offered a liquidity mining feature to its users. When the Liquidity providers contribute their money to the pool, they’ll receive LP tokens. Those tokens represent their share of the entire liquidity group. These liquidity tokens can be redeemed for the portion they represent in the pool. Furthermore, a Liquidity Provider can use those tokens to participate in the Farming Program to achieve a high rate of return VISION. The reward will be distributed to users who deposit money into the liquidity fund and participate in this program. Typically, they can earn up to 300~400% APY for using LP tokens to farm VISION. The staking scheme is also applicable to VISION holders and other tokens. Users can also stake other tokens, including BUSD, USDT, ETH, BTCB, USDC and VISION – VISIONDEFI’s native token to receive about 300~400% yearly. With a limited number of tokens (total supply of 210 million tokens) and VISION’s rapidly growing demand, placing this token will provide users with great benefits in the future.

Note: 25% of them will be distributed to participants instantaneously, and 75% of them will be locked for 1 year and will be distributed continuously block by block after that.


We talked about this feature in the token introduction above. The lottery feature is a third method that can give users an almost free token amount.

Users only need to spend 1 VISION to use this feature, then they will receive a random 4-digit ticket to join. The prize will increase gradually to anyone who has more than 2 numbers that match the numbers randomly chosen by the computer.

VISION token & Fairlaunch

The VisionDeFi platform created a token, VISION, with a total supply of 210,000,000 units. The demand of VISION will increase with the development of VISIONDEFI. VISIONDEFI is a remarkable decentralized system, integrating many functions, inheriting the strengths of other Defi platforms. 

But, users need to know that the platform token will not be sold by the platform, and users can only use VISIONDEFI’s features to obtain VISION. Using methods like farming or staking, referring members, airdrop, lottery…,  users can obtain VISION tokens.

It should be noted that the VISION token staking has a really high interest rate. Given the limited number and significantly increasing demand of VISION, staking and holding this token is sure to give its users great benefits in the future.

Here is the token distribution:

  • Team: 19.5%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Mining: 60%
  • Affiliate: 6%
  • Seed: 0.5%
  • Ecosystem development: 2%
  • Reserve: 2%

Our efforts to support a fair launch come from a desire for better models of token distribution. 

Firstly, VISION will not be open for sale, the community only can gain mainly via mining (farming, staking & marketing rewards are based on mining tokens).

Secondly, for mining, 25% of them will be distributed to participants instantaneously, 75% of them will be locked for 1 year and will be distributed continuously block by block after that.

Thirdly, VISIONDEFI will launch a part of the team’s tokens & marketing/affiliate rewards equivalent to the tokens farmed by the investors to avoid the price inflation. 

This guarantee the fairness to the community.

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Token address: 0x3921F72F627D20584D55e2AD387B202a1F4F36Ee