Millionaire Jeffrey Berns Wants to Build Crypto Utopia

You won’t find most people buying land in the middle of the Nevada desert for $170 million.  But cryptocurrency millionaire, Jeffrey Berns isn’t “most people.”

In fact, after purchasing the land, he envisions a community with blockchain at its core.

He envisions a city that’s self-sufficient, devoid of large companies and a central government.  Instead, it will run with the help of blockchain technology.  Therefore, it will increase transparency and trust among users. All without a government or corporate interference.

A Crypto Utopian City According to Jeffrey Berns

However, Berns isn’t the only one with such innovative ideas.

Similarly, investment company, Belmont Partners owned by Gates, already poured $80 million into a smart city project.  Reportedly, it will be built on 25k acres of land near Phoenix.  It’ll be equipped with high-speed networks, independent logistics hubs, and unpiloted transport.

In addition, consulting firm McKinsey says there will be 600 smart cities all over the world by 2020.  In fact, analysts expect them to generate 60% of the world’s GDP by 2025.

Blockchain Can Take This Idea to Unprecedented Levels

Blockchain can automate workflow, public services, and traffic administration. Additionally, it can optimize urban systems such as light sensors, road cameras, and more, says a Noah Coin blog.  Blockchain-driven financial management and trade logistics allows for transparent and trustworthy transactions by removing unnecessary intermediaries. This company seem to share the idea presented by Berns

Even the Noah Coin group has plans for smart cities with its Noah Cities project.

What’s exciting about Noah Coin is its goal of building an ecosystem.  In fact, the company wants to involve itself in everything from digital wallets to beach resorts, and even entire cities.

Similar to Berns, Noah Coin wants to help create a world without borders by reducing transaction fees.  It would help do away with middlemen who are  commonly responsible for inflated costs.  A pristine example of this is travel agents operating within the travel industry.

According to the company, cryptocurrencies built on blockchain technology can help facilitate all business processes. Digital assets can streamline payment procedures, making life easier for both carriers and passengers. Winding Tree for example, allows airlines and hotels to connect with travel operators and agencies directly, without excessive fees.

Therefore, this vision of Jeffrey Berns may not be as far-fetched as it may seem.



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