Ripple Investors Could See Higher Highs, as New xRapid Partner Confirmed

Living and working far from home can be a challenge to many people. Sending your loved ones money should not be a hassle anymore with the launch of xRapid. Ripple’s xRapid is the solution to making cross border transactions because of its transfer speed and cost efficiency.

Therefore, many companies are looking for ways to integrate the project to their platforms.  The project provides an avenue for many businesses to conduct fast business transactions.

SendFriend Ability and xRapid

Reports indicate that SendFriend is the only international remittance platform that utilizes the xRapid blockchain technology.  The main goal of SendFriend is to reduce costs and improve the transactional abilities of people abroad. Additionally, they include modern technology to facilitate the smooth delivery of their services.

The company is blockchain centered and leverages on the high number of people wanting to move their cryptocurrency from one location to another.

Blockchain Centered Technology to Improve Service Delivery

SendFriend is currently the only distributed ledger technology which allows the transfer of funds from one location to another.  In addition, the use of apps in the modern world has risen considerably. Reports show that it slashes the cost of a transaction by up to 65% by using the xRapid technology.

In fact, the company receives backing from major firms such as Barclays, MIT Media Lab, Mahindra Finance and the MasterCard Foundation. Therefore, an these partnerships allow for instant cross border transactions.

Similarly, the company is the award winner of the MIT Media Lab Transitional Innovation Alliance which consists of ex-MoneyGram employees.  The individuals are passionate about their work and they want to transform the company with new technology.

Efficient Service Delivery

According to David Lighton, a renowned American banker and the CEO of SendFriend, a partnership with xRapid will take the firm to new heights. The feature will allow them to be highly efficient when conducting capital transfers. Considering the challenges presented by money transfers, the speed of xRapid has impressed everyone.

Additionally, the blockchain has bank friendly features that allows for seamless transactions.  SendFriend is potentially one of the most effective transfer mechanisms in moving money from one location to another. Reliability and efficiency are paramount features in the blockchain ledger.


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