Ron Paul Survey: Bitcoin Most Popular 10-Year Investment

Ron Paul, retired American politician and former US presidential candidate, is known for advocating controversial issues such as weapons reforms and the legalization of marijuana. His book, “End the Fed”, shares the vision of many crypto enthusiasts. Paul has mentioned Bitcoin several times in a positive context.

Over the past few days, Ron Paul  has been asking his followers via Twitter how they would invest $ 10,000 if a wealthy person pays that amount for a 10-year investment: would they invest in Federal Reserve Notes, Gold, Bitcoin or US 10 years Treasury Bonds?

With nearly 95,000 votes (at the time of writing), 50% of users responded Bitcoin, 37% with gold, 11% with 10-year US bonds and 2% with Fed reserve notes. While some of them were surprised by the results, crypto enthusiasts are convinced that the survey once again shows what monumental support Bitcoin has and that cryptocurrencies have “come to stay”, as a number of industry experts said earlier.

Paul’s timing stands in sharp contrast to the current market trend, even in the midst of last week’s price decline, half of all participants chose Bitcoin.

This is not the first time Paul has made such a poll. At the beginning of December 2017, when BTC was about to reach its all-time high, Paul asked exactly the same question. At that time, 54% of respondents decided for Bitcoin. Despite the continuing bear market, the majority is positive about Bitcoin. This is undoubtedly a positive sign of Bitcoin’s long-term perspective.

This vote comes weeks after Paul published a statement with the US Federal Reserve. In the column in which the politician called the Fed “crazy,” Paul explained that centralized banking creates income inequality, inflation, and a series of other issues that Bitcoiners hate. To counter these injustices, he suggested investing in bitcoin and precious metals such as gold and silver.

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