The growth in the use of cryptocurrencies and where to buy them

Bitcoin was the first crypto founded in 2009 by an anonymous group of programmers called Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then the cryptocurrency industry has experienced

rapid growth with creation altcoins such as Ethurium, Litecoin, XRP, Chainlink and many more.

Since 2009 when bitcoin was created , the crypto circulating in the market was valued at basically nothing. By 2019, there were 5,457 bitcoins in the market, and by 6th November 2020, bitcoins were worth $199.62 billion. This growth is thanks to the trusted openness in transactions of the coins, shooting transfer rates in third world

nations and international commerce, and unstable monetary protocols.

Top reasons behind the rapid growth to cryptocurrency


Transactions done using cryptocurrency are kept secret and can only be discloed when users themselves voluntarily disclose them. Their business is not linked to their identifications. Third parties cannot view one’s transactions or the history of trades.

This is due to the anonymous addresses given to each new business performed.

i)              Low transaction fee for international trades

Crypto coins support international trades and charges lower transfer fees compared to other means such as bank transfers. Since cryptocurrencies are accepted worldwide, there are no charges on currency conversion as like before with fiat currency.

ii)            Bitcoins are portable

You can get your hands on as many cryptos as you can purchase. To use coins efficiently, many companies have introduced apps and other credit cards to enable you to cash in or trade using coins anytime, anywhere. 1 BTC is worth about

$15,567.40. In cash, this is not easy to carry around as it exposes you to being robed. However, with Bitcoins, you can log into your wallet, and that’s your money, you can transact easily hence. This applies similarly to altcoins.

To cryptocurrency Exchange to by Bitcoin


 Zeabit is a new platform in the crypto market. However, it has gained popularity with users as it has proven itself with its credibility; it is fast, safe and custom-friendly.

Create an account, and you will be prompted to confirm your details after which you get access to a vast market.


 Extoid was founded to form a united front for persons interested in cryptocurrency, more specifically, bitcoins. Extoid has a user-friendly interface; thus, it can be easily understood by newbies. To get started, bitcoin requires registration same as other trade platforms; after which you get access to the market.


There are many other trusted websites that you can get the cryptocurrency at great rates; these are, for instance: Coinbase, Robinhood and Binance exchange. These sites offer the best, safest and most assuring peer-to-peer transactions.

Professionals predict that use of blockchain-based cryptocurrency is set for a rise, and it is a wise investment venturing into these platforms. Cryptocurrency is the new store of value and is viewed as ‘digital gold’. It supports cross-border transactions; thus, it reduces cost on currency exchange.