Tron Publishes New Weekly Report – Rounds up Development and the Buffett Lunch


As the Tron blockchain project is developing and launching more dApps on its ecosystem, the decentralized platform is busy making progress on its core infrastructure as well. The Tron Foundation informed the crypto community of its ongoing development and related projects in its new weekly report for the week ending June 7, 2019.

Ongoing Development on Tron

Tron developers optimized data storage and demoed the web log collectors during the week. Now, anonymous transactions support memo and the wallet-client has also been updated to support anonymous transactions. The Sun-Network test net for smart contracts was also launched during the week.

The team plans on optimizing block forecast and pressure test complex anonymous transactions next week. It will also opt for a multi-signature plan for joint-debug phase two.

The team also launched core statistics for the week, stating that a total of 1366 nodes are running on the network with 13 new nodes added during the week. The block height exceeded 9.76 million as 45336 new wallets were added to the network. With six new dApps, Tron is running 465 decentralized applications. The blockchain facilitated 5.24 million transactions of 372,000 active users. The trading volume of the blockchain was $88.15 million.

The Buffett Lunch and More

Tron founder Justin Sun bid the highest amount ever for a charity offering lunch with legendary investor and billionaire Warren Buffett. He placed a bid of $4.57 million for lunch and announced on his Twitter profile that he intends to change Buffett’s mind about digital currencies. Buffett had previously declared that cryptocurrencies were “rat poison squared.”

The company’s Beijing office also celebrated the Dragon Boat Day during the week, treating the employees with rice dumpling making. “Tron’s Developers Guide” released its 21st to a 23rd issue during the week while “Tron Smart Contract Security Class” published its fourth issue.

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