UAS: The New Blockchain-based Government Leveraging Technology to Revolutionize Global Service Provision

What do you call a government with a global service reach? The United Allied States! The government presided by Steve Mccullah is the first to provide services on a global scale and have global citizens. But what is the United Allied States?

The UAS is a sovereign entity aiming to be the most prosperous nation on earth. Among its best features is vouching for national values, i.e., freedom, value for life, free market. 

UAS aims to ensure consistent global growth to achieve the USA dream in Africa on education, health, security, finance, etc. To achieve its plan, this government leverages technology in different sectors of service provision.

One-Stop-Shop for All Services

UAS merges all government services in a single platform, an available website. The fusion is unparalleled to any other government system since most governments split services into several platforms. The all-inclusive feature makes UAS the most innovative and technologically advanced sovereign government. 

Transparent Government Database

Transparency is imperative in government service provisions; however, the same is lacking in governments. Government leaders take advantage of citizens’ ignorance and engage in misappropriation of public funds.  

The UAS government introduces transparency as one of its building pillars; it uses open blockchain databases. Transparent and immutable databases store government transactions and other plans. Any regular citizen can freely audit the UAS government’s use of resources. Every person of authority from the present to the lowest staffer will be accountable for any business deals. 

Technological Forum

UAS has an undying commitment to technological advancements in government service provision. The commitment expounds with the introduction of technical and educational forums.

The holders and participants of the forums include technical exports, most innovative persons in the areas of finance, education, and others. The panels aim to find ways of making government services, even better-using technologies. Moreover, to empower the children with the best tools, the platform embeds opportunities to discover innovations through education.

Blockchain’s Technology

The United Allied State uses state of the art technology to give better services to users. Due to the government’s Apollo blockchain hub, the UAS database fosters complete privacy, security, and speed. Here is how the blockchain center revolutionalizes services;

Fast and Safe Transactions and Service Delivery

Apollo blockchain’s ability to provide more rapid completion of transactions is due to adaptive forging and database level sharding functionalities.

Adaptive forging is an algorithm that ceilings block creation only when transactions are underway. The aim of controlling block creation is leaving enough resources to complete blocks on a need basis. Since UAS will provide financial services both in crypto and fiat, the algorithm will ensure that users enjoy fast transactions.

The database level sharding algorithm ensures that the database splits into small shards. These shards are independent of operation; thus, several computers provide additional resources to fasten transactions. Moreover, sharding ensures the database will remain perpetually scalable; the database storage and processing capacity expand with UAS adoption expansion. 

Future Rich Technology

The Apollo blockchain merges quantum proofs to ensure the eternity of its products. The UAS database, therefore, enjoys the quantum-resistant aspects of the blockchain. The protocol ensures that quantum computers will not attack the UAS platform and its database during the post-quantum era. The united allied states government will have the most resistant, immutable database.

Reliability of the Platform

For continuous reliability, user-friendliness of the UAS government system, Apollo merges the Updater option. The updater algorithm sends updates to all database ends, ensuring the system remains entirely reliable.


IP masking ensures the citizens are safe and independent from phishing attacks and the government. IP masking is the complete hiding of the IP address to provide zero remnants of location or identification trails. 

The UAS government has its department of defense aiming to protect its citizens against criminal activities. Moreover, the platform will use the website to solve the problems of African radicalization.

Digital Cash Backed By Gold

Unlike any other government, the UAS is introducing the global most stable national currency. UAS prints a deflationary currency and backs it up with one of the greatest valuable assets, gold, to ensure its unbounded value rises. Due to blockchains’ unparalleled transparency, the platform’s cash will be the most reliable globally.

Judicial Proceedings

Currently, the global judicial system is a crisis revolving on delayed justice to fraud in judicial proceedings. In developing countries, many cases are pending, awaiting a hearing. 

However, the UAS leverages blockchain technology creating a legal system that solves all problems clouding the current judiciary systems. Citizens of the UAS will enjoy justice served at the right time.

Digital Identification

The government uses digital pinning to identify its citizens. These identities are immutable and help the government in payroll management and allocation of resources. Faking the digital identifications is next to impossible because of the immutable blockchain and the security algorithms.

Final Word

The United Allied States, Presided by Stephen Mccullah, will ease access to government services. This government is the most self-sufficient government of all time, offering all services on the same platform. The platform fosters trust between citizens and government officials because of the transparent functionalities of the blockchain. Moreover, the platform gives forums for technological advancements. 

In terms of finance, the platform drives the faster adoption of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, UAS hosts a digital currency that will perpetually rise in value, proving non-volatile and non-inflationary. Fast and safe transactions define the financial system of the UAS. 

United allied states is the much-awaited solution to issues clouding the current government systems, including racism. The platform will, therefore, provide services on a global scale.