Wofltrade: A next emerging exchange to explode in 2021

In 2021, there is a tendency of interest in buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which have surged recently. If you’re looking to buy crypto, one way to easily make these purchases is to use an exchange. There are a number of crypto exchanges that can help you access a variety of coins, including altcoins. One of the more popular and robust is the Wolftrade crypto exchange. Wolftrade offers the processing speed of up to 100,000 trades every second and is the platform where you are able to access a variety of coins, including altcoins as well as access to the ability to earn a return on your holdings and a level of security not often seen on cryptocurrency exchanges. Let’s dive in throughout the article to explore Wolftrade!

1. What is Wolftrade Crypto Exchange?

Wolftrade is a new crypto Singapore-based exchange founded in 2021. Even it is new but Wolftrade is well-known for its strict security, outstanding features, and prospective plans to develop in the future. If you’re learning how to invest money in cryptocurrencies, Wolftrade could be a good choice. While the service might be better suited to intermediate to advanced traders, some easy-to-use features can be useful to beginners. Furthermore, these are some products and features that Wolftrade has built in to set itself apart as a cryptocurrency exchange.

2.Vision and Mission of Wolftrade Crypto Exchange

With the strong, young, and high-experience development team, Wolftrade Exchange targets to be a leading trading platform in the next generation of cryptocurrency, which utilizes and maximizes blockchain capability. Their goal is to become the new international financial ecosystem focusing on customer profits. 

Wolftrade also stated in their report that they are fully committed to bringing the lowest fees exchange, fast, transparent, and most secure trading platform in the world. Wolftrade Exchange offers a broad range of cryptocurrencies available to trade either BTC, ETH – pioneers in the world of cryptocurrencies, or the new tokens – hidden gems, which come along with massive growth potential for early investors. 

Above all, the safety of investors’ assets is our top priority. Our team will keep on working to upgrade our Digital Assets Security Program to keep all funds on our exchange fully protected. Moreover, our simple, easy-to-use interface lets both beginners and pro-traders use the platform seamlessly without the need for technical support.

Our experts partnered with our Advisors not only promise to bring the best trading experience that allows crypto investors to utilize their assets but prove how blockchain impacts the future of our society, by using blockchain, any business improves its process to new heights.

3. What features does Wolftrade have?

  • Fast trading

This service will give the opportunity to express the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Next, it will be connected to our proprietary API, which will also facilitate the exchange and processing of transactions with merchants. One of the main distinguishing features of Wolftrade Exchange is a processing speed of up to 100,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections. With this function, Wolftrade aims to be the most friendly and fast exchange environment for traders.

  • API Integration

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software-to-software interface that enables two applications to exchange data with each other. API integration covers:

• Order Book and Trades • Tickers • User • Merchant connection • User to User transfers • Internal and External payment gateway • Mobile app – user – exchange connection (limited by the number of funds) • Robots trading (in the last stage) • User – wallets – exchange.

  • Security system

At Wolftrade Exchange, all trades are conducted in a secure and legally protected manner via established procedures, which ensures maximum reliability for the investors and safe financial investments. By using dynamic storage, hot and cold wallet separation, financial security technology protection, multi-signature, etc., to protect users’ assets, Wolftrade ensures to keeping our exchange secure so they can ensure the safety of all customers.

  • Mobile App

As an established exchange with cutting-edge technology, Wolftrade Exchange offers an efficient and convenient mobile app with full functions of a trading system as well as an instant deposit and withdrawal service.

  • Treasure box

The Treasury box of Wolftrade token (WTE) is where an amount of the tokens are locked to reduce token supply and achieve scarcity and higher token value, as well as avoid inflation. The Treasury box will be managed by the exchange administrators and the vesting plan will be announced to the community later. It is an effective method of increasing and stabilizing the valuation of coins and tokens. 

  • Staking & Revenue distribution

Investors can gain high interest when joining the staking program with Wolftrade’s native token – WTE. The users need to lock their WTE and the interest depends on the staking pool and contribution rate in the pool, which could be up to 100%. 

4.Wolftrade’s native token – WTE

WTE is the native token of Wolftrade which stands for Wolftrade Exchange Token. The token is developed based on TRC20. By using WTE, traders can participate in to all the activities such as buy, sell, stake, and pay for fees charged. WTE was created from the vision to optimize the trading experience and maximize investors’ profits. WTE can also be exchanged or traded for other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, etc.

5.How about the allocation of WTE?

The total amount of the issued WTE is set constantly at 90,000,000 WTE and Wolftrade also launches the vesting plan for the community. The specific details describe as follows:

 Allocation: 90,000,000 tokens will be distributed in the following ways:

  • ICO: 20,000,000 
  • Development fund: 50,000,000
  • Ecosystem funds: 7,000,000
  • Advisors & Partners: 7,000,0000
  • Operation Team: 3,000,000
  • Community Airdrop: 3,000,000

 Vesting plan:

  • ICO 20,000,000: 13.5% at TGE, 86.5% linear vesting in 7 months
  • Development fund 50,000,000: locked and distributed over 60 months:
  • Ecosystem fund 7,000,000: 10% at TGE, 90% linear vesting in 9 months 
  • Advisor & partner 7,000,000: 0% at TGE, 12 month cliff then linear vesting over 48 months
  • Team 3,000,000: 0% at TGE, 12 month cliff then linear vesting over 48 months
  • Airdrop 3,000,000: 100% at TGE

6.How much can you earn with Wolftrade?

As with any investment, there’s no guarantee that you will end up with a profit when you buy, sell, or trade using Wolftrade. Additionally, cryptocurrency is considered a more volatile asset class than more traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate.

However, you could potentially see returns, depending on the cryptocurrency you buy and how long you hold it. With Wolf Earn, though, there is potential to earn interest based on the coin you hold and how long you’re willing to keep it in your Earn account.

Along with that, traders can earn more profit via the referral policy with rewards of up to 20% for transaction referral and 5% for ICO referral. The payment will be conducted under various methods such as USDT, WTE token, etc. You can read more at Wolftrade’s whitepaper.

Bounty and Airdrop are also the other 2 ways to increase the earnings for traders. Since the amount accounts for Airdrop and Bounty up to 3,000,000 WTE. For Airdrop, the lucky attendees will get an amount of WTE tokens up to 200 WTE if they do and follow all the requirements of our campaigns. The more people attend, the more reward given to the community. Especially, 100% of the Airdrop token will be released at TGE. For Bounty, there is 3,000,000 WTE distribution for the community through different ways include joining AMA, translating our whitepaper to your native languages, make reviews, etc. Follow Wolftrade on their social media to be updated for their campaign.

7.Future of Wolftrade Crypto Exchange

According to the roadmap, Wolftrade has announced their upcoming steps to improve Wolftrade gradually and there is a highlight with the NFT market, which will publish soon in the future. Overall, the roadmap is potential and can be considered as attractive with their slogan “Trading with us – Profit for real”. The roadmap of Wolftrade:

1. Quarter 2/2021: Market Research and Strategy

  • Preparing MKT Plan

2.  Quarter 3/2021: Complete White paper/ Proposal and Tokenomics

  • Dev team starts coding
  • Create token Smart contract

3. Quarter 4/2021: 

  •  Issue WTE token.
  • Airdrop round and release
  • Launching ICO and  ICO reference system

4. Quarter 1/2022: Launching a trading platform. Website version online. 

  • Start Mobile App. 
  • Start trading fee mining and revenue distribution
  •  Release Staking
  •  Listing EX platform
  • Release NFTs Market function

8.The bottom line

Wolftrade crypto exchange offers the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade digital currencies. You can also stake the WTE token with Wolftrade to earn interest. For those looking for one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, this could be a good choice. 

Carefully consider your needs and the platform’s features before deciding which cryptocurrency exchange is right for you.

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